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Atlas Brain & Spine is a mission-driven office, practicing gentle, proven, highly effective NUCCA care.

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NUCCA is an Upper Cervical Chiropractic method of spinal correction that focuses on restoring the body to its naturally balanced state. Dr. Ralph R. Gregory began developing the NUCCA procedure nearly 70 years ago. Currently, it is recognized as the most sophisticated and highly effective method of spinal analysis and correction that is available.

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Why Choose NUCCA?


X-rays taken prior to the first correction allow us to “see” the exact position of your spine. Careful analysis reveals a precise correction formula used to restore your spine to its proper alignment.


NUCCA is a very gentle chiropractic technique that involves absolutely no “popping” or “twisting” of the neck or back. The precision of the adjustment allows our upper cervical chiropractors in Upland to work smarter, not harder. You’ll be amazed at how gentle and precise the adjustment is!


By correcting the entire spine and not just the problem areas, the body is able to stay corrected for longer periods of time, allowing for better recovery.


MyMisalignment provides a close-up view of the cervical spine and brainstem as well as an expanded view of how the upper cervical subluxation impacts the entire body. Watch your misalignment come to life with these interactive reports created from your very own misalignment. We will send you multiple reports along your treatment journey to track the progress of your plan and make sure you are on track.

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