Top 3 Basic Neck Pain Facts You Need to Know

Have you ever woken up with a painful and stiff neck and experienced intense discomfort when looking from side to side. Typically, people don't pay much attention to their necks until they experience pain, tightness, or soreness on that part. Only then do they realize that their neck is a significant factor in keeping one's mobility and maintaining various physiological processes. And only then do they start looking for a professional who can provide them with neck pain relief in Upland

When you experience neck pain, it can be because of a poor night's sleep or sudden injury. You will find it challenging to do simple tasks, and you might be surprised by how much we turn our heads to fulfill these tasks. After all, turning one's head is a normal reflex movement done when driving, lifting objects, talking to someone, or even engaging in sporting activities. 

If you seek neck pain relief in Upland, you probably know a thing or two about neck pain. Let's help you learn more about these common symptoms with our list of facts below. 

Fact #1. Minor injuries can cause neck pain

Ignoring your neck pain after a minor injury because of an accident or sporting injury is sometimes a natural response for some people. However, professionals who provide neck pain care, such as Dr. Murray, often advise against this behavior. After all, the neck is susceptible to neck pain due to severe injuries caused by minor incidents. Any force, even minor ones, can injure the various complex components of the neck. 

Our cervical spine comprises the topmost neck bones and the brainstem with seven vertebrae supported by different soft tissues. When you get into an accident involving your head or neck, any of these bones can delicately shift out of alignment, which could end up spraining your ligaments and straining the muscles. Therefore, it is crucial to be mindful even of minor mishaps. 

Ensure you are getting the proper care and neck pain relief in Upland, even after a minor incident. This will save you from pain and discomfort later on by detecting any sprain or upper cervical misalignment that will cause more problems in the long run.

Remember, neck pain doesn't need to be from a significant injury for you to consider having it checked by a professional.

Fact #2. Your posture is essential to prevent neck pain

You probably heard the phrase "old habits die hard," and we couldn't agree more. Correcting old habits can be a real challenge, especially if you've been doing it for a long time. The same thing goes for your poor posture; you have become so accustomed to it that your bodies compensate even if it's incorrect. Muscle memory may also make it hard to fix your poor posture. It will feel unnatural for your body to start sitting up and standing correctly when you often slouch or follow other poor practices. 

Correcting your posture is essential to maintaining proper spine health. It is necessary to keep it strong and at its top form. If you need extra support, we encourage talking to a licensed upper cervical chiropractor to help you find the right way to stand or sit and correct your posture and spine alignment. 

Stretching exercises for your neck and other muscle groups can also help stimulate proper blood flow and keep your heart pumping strong, which are essential in keeping the spine and the whole central nervous system early.

Fact #3. An upper cervical chiropractor can help ease your neck pain

Don't let neck pain hinder you from enjoying life. You can either let neck pain take its course or do something proactively to avoid the issue and maintain optimal health. 

But remember that what works for others might not work for you all the time. For example, when your first choice is taking a pain reliever drug or other medications, it only gives symptomatic relief. And while medicine provides immediate relief, it does not address the root cause of the neck pain and even gives you a risk of severe side effects. But if you need temporary relief, make sure you stick with the recommended dose of medication and not be dependent on it.

If you want a remedy that works for the long-term, an upper cervical chiropractor can help you. Using a unique approach with the help of precision tools and imaging, your chiropractic doctor can identify if a misalignment is causing your neck pain and the recommended method for total neck pain relief in Upland. They may also recommend some mild exercises to supplement your chiropractic sessions for complete neck pain relief.

You will likely notice strained neck movements when you have an upper cervical misalignment or subluxation. It can also lead to restricted blood circulation between the head and neck, affecting your overall nervous system health.


Getting Neck Pain Relief in Upland That Works.

Upper cervical chiropractic physicians focus on the upper part of the spine that moves most freely, making it highly susceptible to misalignment. The C1 and C2 bones are different from the other bones in the spine because they carry the head's weight and support its movement. These bones are also crucial in protecting the brainstem, a significant central nervous system component.

Our upper cervical chiropractor at Atlas Brain & Spine can help you achieve neck pain relief by utilizing a natural, safe, and highly effective procedure. First, we find out the root cause of your pain by using a focused, detailed, precise, and systematic approach to studying the cervical spine structure. Then, we examine the effects of cervical subluxation by looking at potential nerve damage and gait length changes. 

Once we have everything needed to understand your C1 and C2 bone alignment, we proceed to provide gentle and well-calculated chiropractic adjustments. At Atlas Brain & Spine, we don't just aim to eliminate your symptoms, but we want to ensure you long-lasting relief by correcting the root cause and letting your body heal.

Whether you are a new or returning patient, we will always be happy to be part of your healing. Call us at 909-343-5896 or fill out our online form to set your appointment.


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